Apr. 13th, 2016 12:02 pm
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whoa i just realized i didn't have an hmd, this is a place holder
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in the interest of making this as short as possible: rhys has an echo eye implant that allows him to scan things AND has a megalomaniac ai living in his brain that no one else can see. these things combine to make THE JACK-APEDIA!!! [ trumpet sounds ]

jack-apedia entries look like this: x | x | x

i canon updated, now it's just a regular ol' echo eye scan again.

all i need you to do is tell me if there's anything noticeable that would come up on the scan! fill out this form right here:

alternatively, comment here to let me know if you do NOT want your character to be scanned. jack can't be seen by anyone SO he will not appear in most threads, but also, please let me know if you 100 percent do not want his presence anywhere ever. HE GONE.